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Thanks for the great job reading through our website and helping us ensure that our content is clear and error-free. You did a great job in a short amount of time. Using someone to take a fresh look at the content is always a good thing. We thought we did a good job ensuring no errors, however your eye for detail demonstrated the need to have a professional review the website. Our site is greatly improved because of your assistance. Thanks again for all your help. We will not hesitate to use you again or be a referral for your services.
Brad M. Remillard
IMPACT Hiring Solutions
Laguna Hills, CA

With years of editing and writing experience, Tina provides an invaluable service for us at Galerie Anaïs. We feel confident that our press releases, artist biographies, and catalogues are all flawlessly edited before they are published and sent out to our clients. More importantly, Tina has a great gift for writing in a clear and accessible fashion, which makes her a collaborative writer rather than just an editor. She is highly efficient and works very quickly. I highly recommend her services and know that she exceeds all expectations.
Anna Meliksetian
Galerie Anaïs
Santa Monica, CA

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